Business networks are attacked from both outside and in.

This happens daily whether or not Administrators are aware.

I can show you the logs from hundreds of servers to prove it.



Let’s use the analogy of a car.

Say You just got your new Maclaren

Are you going to leave it parked on the street, in the worst part of town?

Let’s say you leave it there a month… are you ok with that? We are not..

Why Not? It’s insured, has an alarm ….

What if we hire someone with a high power rifle to sit in front of the car 24/7.

This guard is not hesitant to pop off a few warning shots….:)


24/hour Network-Monitoring-Service



Networks are a lot more likely to be under constant attack, than your new Maclaren

and it may result in unnecessary down-time, possibly even more Onsite Tech time.

Inevitably lack of quality-technical-maintenance or attention causes interruptions in your staff’s ability to work.


More to come …