Stay Connected – Stay Safe!

Technology working smoothly is never so important, as when you travel for business.


At Techville CA, We support many business Users, frequently on the move.

Our exceptional phone support is always available if you have problems while traveling, but if setup properly in advance, you should not need it.

Don’t carry your data on the device you travel with.

Would you carry your business accounting files with you, if there were no electronics?

If your phone, tablet or laptop are broken or worse stolen, all your personal or business data goes with it.

Think about it…. most of us have more personal information on our electronics than we carry in our wallet these days. Losing a credit card is no big deal, you make a phone call and a new one is coming. Losing your laptop often means someone has access to all your accounts from Apple Mail to Facebook to Windows itself.


 stop-prevent-hackersIdentity theft is constantly growing, don’t make it easy for these fraudulent creeps to make you a victim.

Most of our business clients connect directly to their business network. It’s a simple “click of the mouse” to

connect to their hom

e or office network.

They have remote access to their folders, including anything they would have access to in the office.

In most cases they just remote desktop directly to their office or home Computer or Apple-Mac and use the remote desktop as if they were sitting at it.

As mentioned above, its a simple “one click” to connect to the remote PC and the connection is direct, so no “man in the middle” such as gotomypc or other services, which are NOT private.


If the phone, tablet or laptop being used to connect with goes missing, its as easy as a 5 minute tech call to remove the credentials from the Office-home network, thus removing that devices ability to connect. Stolen or missing device has no real data on it, because you were working remotely from your REAL


Ok, maybe you have to reset your email password too, just to be safe, but again no worries about identity theft or the privacy of your personal or business DATA because it NEVER LEFT YOUR OFFICE.

If you choose to buy a replacement while you are still on the road, setting the new one up to connect remotely is as simple as a 10 minute Tech support call and you can get back to work, right where you left off.

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Setup Direct VPN Connection For your

 Home or Office.

Share Desktop, Files and Printers with your Office, while you travel.

Data Never Leaves Office,

Direct Connection to your office-Private-Secure




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