Virtual Private Networks

Definition: A virtual private network also known as a (VPN) is a private network that extends across a public network or internet.

It allows users to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if their computing devices were directly connected to the private network.






There are services out there that will do this for free but of course there is great danger in using them.

If using a public service your data is not secure or private and there may be many other things going on behind the scenes that you are not even aware of. Using Public Hot Spots should be safe, but unfortunately the higher percentage of them are not configured securely. This means all those Hacker movies you have seen are mostly REAL. Transmit any data and it can be read more easily than you might imagine.

Business Users such as Accountants, Doctors, Lawyers and many others are becoming more concerned about privacy.




vpn-2-windowsOnce a User has connected to the Office or Home VPN, they have access to their printers, camera’s, PC’s and any other devices connected to the network.

Windows Users can securely login in to their business or home PC as if they were sitting at it!

They can send a job to their printer and it will be there when they get back to the office.


Devices such as laptops,phones and tabletsl should NEVER be carrying your business data much less your financial info..

If you are using the VPN to access your data from office or home, and you lose or break the device, it’s no big deal because it didn’t contain any of your “personal or business” information anyway.





It’s all on a 2048 bit encrypted private tunnel. Think about it your bank uses only 256!

If you have a PFSense Firewall Solution you already have the service, and anyone else can install and use it free!

One time configuration fee and it’s basically maintenance free.

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