What is a Linux-CentOS-RedHat Server?


What is a Linux-CentOS-RedHat Server ?

Why would I want one for my office?


Why would I want a Linux Server in an office filled with Windows Computers and Servers?


Linux is a necessary tool in today’s offices and fortunately, can be built reliably and inexpensively.


Real Life example Windows-Desktop Disaster:

Employee User1 Clicks on a Malware that encrypts all the files on their computer (yes I have seen this in more than one office). Guess what? Popups open, telling you to pay with Bit Coin or credit card to get your files back! No kidding, your files are encrypted and the only way to get them back is to pay the Kidnapper (unknown) by giving them your REAL credit card or Bit Coin which cannot be tracked. It gets worse folks…. If User 1 has a computer connected to Shares in the office, such as USB drive, Network Server, Microsoft Server shares etc, these files are probably also encrypted and you are really stuck. Your company Data-Base is encrypted along with ANYTHING User1 Had access to. Please DO NOT PAY THESE EVIL THIEVES!


Automated Backups – Linux and Apple both have native command line backup programs built in. No need to purchase special cakup-software and no need to involve the User in your data backup solution (most are loaded with work tasks and should not be concerned with IT matters).


We provide a custom backup script which will automatically takes a “snapshot” of your Windows Desktops. This usually includes Documents, Desktop, Pictures and Video. The automated backup uses Tarball to store the files (like Zip), but not vulnerable to malicious Windows Attacks such as the encryption scam above. Thus we can clean your PC and restore the data from the most recent backup. The backup.tar.gz file itself can be stored on the server a USB drive or for off-site backups to a VPS or Offsite storage location such as home office. (Using VPN)

This way data is kept private, cannot be corrupted by malware, virused or accessed by anyone other than you or your appointed staff. Plan for the worst, hope for the best!


Clam Anti-Virus:

Clam is a Free Open Source anti-virus which is used on all Linux servers. Nothing to pay for and auto runs and updates on the Linux servers without intervention, This will ensure an extra level of protection for your precious company data such as Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint documents, against Malware and Trojan infections.


OpenVPN – FREE : Easily configured on any Linux-CentOS-Refhat server. Allows for just about any device Smart-Phone, Laptop, Tablet, Remote PC, Remote Apple-Mac to connect securely to the office from any remote locaton via wifi and “Secure-tunnel” DIRECT CONNECTION-ENCRYPTED 2048 bits – Means SECURE & PRIVATE DIRECT CONNECT TO THE OFFICE.

The importance of this becomes obvious, since all data should be stored in the office only and not on the remote devices. If devices are lost, stolen or just plain “break” the data is ONLY at the office anyway. Device is not important, the data is right?


Tech Rescue – Linux Servers are paramount when attempting to rescue data from a bad hard drive or Windows computer infected with virus-malware-spyware. A seasoned Data-Recovery technician will always try and rescue the data by removing the hard drive and mounting the device in a Linux system for restoration. Most network and problem troubleshooting is made far easier with the presence of a Linux-Centos-Redhat server in the mix. Linux has so many tools already built in and designed for everything from diagnostics to speed measurement. A seasoned network Admin will at the very least have it running on his laptop for diagnostic purposes alone.


Windows File Shares & User Home Folders РConnect your Users home folders, backup folders, Company Directory and any shares you want to share amongst all devices. Linux-CentOS  is easily configured for Windows-Apple and other files shares. Use VPN to connect remotely and you have access to your data from anywhere, securely and privately as data never leaves your machines.


Linux-Centos-RedHat; Offers much lower maintenance costs and far superior reliability for file sharing, which is why big business has been doing this for years! If its a File Sharing server with automated backups you require, Linux is a far faster, more reliable and cost effective choice. Data is yours, keep it in house.

Its amazing how many Discontinued Windows 2003 Servers we have found sitting in closets or collecting dust. Generally your old Microsoft Server can be installed with Linux CentOS (Free), and will run lightning fast for years to come (assuming hardware is all still good). We have machines out there that have been running 6+ years trouble free and lightning fast; Their previous IT Strategist told them it was scrap!


Windows Servers, Windows PC-Computers-Laptop Integration with Apple, iPad,  Mac, PC, Laptop, Tablet

I like to think of today’s office network or office technologies as the United Nations with everyone speaking a different language. Linux-CentOS-Redhat server is like a translator as it speaks all languages exceptionally well.


The CentOS-RedHat server will come loaded with tools to allow you to make sure your office network-backups-windows shares-computers-laptops-tablets and smart phones work well together instead of independently. This centralizes your data, keeping it private and securely in your possession only. Linux is