Business networks are attacked from both outside and in.

This happens daily whether or not Administrators are aware. I can show you the logs from hundreds of servers to prove it.


Let’s use the analogy of a car. Say You just got your new Maclaren Are you going to leave it parked on the street, in the worst part of town?

Let’s say you leave it there a month… are you ok with that?  Why Not? It’s locked right? Even has an alarm. What if we hire someone with a high power rifle to sit in front of the car 24/7 ?

The goal is to keep your office technologies running smoothly and without interruption during working hours. To provide support and education, tailored to the needs of your staff and business model. You should rarely need support but when you do, you expect fast help not 45 minutes of phone calls to get no where.

Networks are constantly being hacked and attacked. Firewall and network security start at the Perimeter of the network, not on the Desktops with some off the shelf Anti Virus.

Network monitoring allows us to remotely watch your network firewall for suspicious activity and bad Internet traffic. Since we are monitoring the firewall and bandwidth spikes, we can often determine ff one of the Internal Windows or Apple devices is having issues or gravitating towards and event. Troubleshooting connections and logging reliability of your ISP/ Internet connection is crucial, to knowing what went wrong in the rare event you go offline.

Our monthly Desktop maintenance program provides the perfect symbiosis to keep your entire office network running smoothly with proactive routines practiced in “off business hours” Updates, log files and so forth need to be monitored to keep our finger on the health of your networked office systems.

We manage networks for for a wide variety of industry including Accountants, lawyers, Hotels and Home Based Workers.

Imagine no more slow downs, blue screens and wait time for a Technician to come fix something that should not have been a problem in the first place. Saves your company downtime and thus dollars.

We can examine your current network design and help with suggestions on best practices. We can easily setup VPN to allow select staff members the ability to work from remote locations securely.

24/hour Network-Monitoring-Service Available

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