Email Servers-Are You a Spammer?

Email Servers-Are You a Spammer?

Not all email is equal. While I like Gmail for it’s great features like Calendar and Contacts, the fact is that sometimes PRIVACY MATTERS.

Business owners including Accountants, Doctors, Lawyers and other professions should be a lot more concerned about privacy than they are.

ANY NON PRIVATE and particularly “FREE” servers are not as free as you think. Hillary Supporters please ignore this post šŸ˜‰

“I have nothing to hide” perhaps you need to watch this video fromĀ  the Canadian Civil Liberties Association.Click Here for their 2 minute Video on YouTube

Has your email account every been hacked? For that matter has your computer or phone? Would you even know it if they had?

Anyway, I started this article about Spam and Junk mail. If your emails are sometimes landing in people’s “junk” folder you should reconsider the settings at your host.

This next part of the article is for Techie Type people running the mail servers or VPS or hosting themselves. Most places SHOULD take care of all this for you in an effort to stop and control Spam on the Internet. It is a tragedy that so many Web Developers get their own hosting and switch their clients over to it without having a clue how to setup SAFE Email with control over hackers and the junk. A good web developer is an Artist, I admire their abilities, but they should leave Server configurations to the network people that really have the experience and expertise.

First off – all servers are slammed with bad traffic from China, Korea and all countries around the world… sometimes I see hits/ hacks hundreds of times a minute. We call this a “Brute Force Attack” and most of them are runningĀ  scripts that will try variations on account names and passwords (sometimes they have 100’s of thousands of combination’s in these scripts).

Therefore you better make sure that your Server itself is locked down tight. Close unnecessary ports, shut off redundant services and make sure its always patched and up to date.


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