HowTo Create a Free Bitcoin Wallet

HowTo Create a Free Bitcoin Wallet




There are lots of free places on the Internet to create a BTC or Bitcoin wallet.

It is important to understand that this is like a Swiss Bank account.

Security is a HUGE concern whether you have 5 dollars or 5 thousand.

That said never use a simple password ALWAYS at least 8-10 characters alpha numeric

Never use the same password on any website.

And for me personally, I don’t like or trust “Free” email like Gmail, or yahoo.

Although no reason your password should ever be in those emails anyway.






Ok ready? 

Go to


Create Free Wallet. Fill out the form.

You password is UNIQUE and STRONG right?


You may have to confirm an email from them to proceed but eventually you will have a wallet ID.


So logged in to wallet?


The Wallet ID # (Print this if you can or write it down) DO NOT EMAIL IT TO YOURSELF This is your private account number basically.

Next go to security and Write down all 12 words for you passphrase retrieval.

Store the paper somewhere secure with all your other financial information.

If I lose the password to my bank, they ask useless questions like my Mothers Maiden name or my first pet.

BlockChain will create 12 random words and use those. They will NOT be filed, so WRITE ON PAPER or print and store safely.


If you have a smart phone you can verify your number – they will send a text with 4 digit code and you type that in the verify box.


Ok now go in to Settings over on the left side and click on addresses.


These are the BitCoin addresses you currently have. If there are none there then click “add” in the left bottom corner.

Name it SENDMEMONEY or something like that. Anything you want. Generally I will probably only use 1, but could easily add a separate address for each of my customers that pay by BitCoin to keep track. For now we need only 1 address.

Click on manage over there on the right.





This should show your list of addresses or at least the new one you just created.

These numbers are NOT secret these are numbers or pictures you give out for scan. This is where they send you money, rather BitCoin or BTC to your wallet directly. No middle man, no need to fill out all kinds of personal info.Click click I paid you.


Now highlight that address and copy (right click and copy)

Paste it into an email that you send to yourself.

This way you always have a copy you can copy and paste in to anywhere that offers to pay you.

This is a one way only number, strictly receives payments and does not care from where or who.


These numbers are NOT secret, these are numbers or pictures you give out or scan that people send money, rather BitCoin or BTC to your wallet directly. No middle man, no need to fill out all kinds of personal info.Click click I paid you.





















Ok so the number you just copied and pasted or your BTC-Bitcoin receive address is ready to go.


Now if you buy BitCoin mine Bitcoin or trade on the Exchanges, you have a central Wallet ID unique to you and only you for instant transfers and payments!


If you are on HashFlare or Coinbase or any sites like that you will always find a spot for your BTC or BitCoin address, you simply copy and paste in that number and you can transfer anytime.


YES there is an easier way. Say I am a retail sales guy. I want to accept Bitcoin. No Problem. I can print a page, or use a tablet or something to display my BitCoin graphic. The graphic is the pictorial version of that number you created. Don’t ask me how, its magic.


So to do this click on that number (which is blue) and you see something like this:













Using the BlockChain Wallet App on my iphone, android or any tablet, I can scan that image “beep” will come out send money to? I will say yes put in the amount and beep again its paid. So if you want to test this and send me money, (deposit in your wallet first), load the app and you can scan it right here on this web page. Ya Really! no more Credit Card info, scan and pay instantly.

Always happy to take donations 😀


It is so easy to pay with BitCoin online. Places like Amazon or Expedia or in a coffee shop at the airport you just scan, put in the amount and accept. Payment instantly transferred without fee.


I still can’t believe we give out the information we do with our Credit Cards.


Once you have done a few transactions with BitCoin or any other Crypto Currency, you will realize why the financial industry is terrified.


Good luck folks. Remember the PASSWORDS are everything.


Also if you are Windows users …. please please please

1/ A Good Anti Virus – even a free one like AVG or Avast

2/ MalwareBytes (run this scan weekly) you can go in account settings and turn off the Trial version select the free version


Between these two, your PC should stay pretty clean. YOU DON’T WANT SPYWARE on your PCs


Mac Users are NOT immune. Data can easily be captured. You don’t have much choice use Kaspersky for Mac or BitDefender. Both cost $$ BOTH are well worth it.


Android and Apple Users. AVG for free and MalwareBytes, better still buy Kaspersky.

Surprising how many malwared virused devices I see.


Keep your devices clean, whether or not you use Crypto currency.


Change your passwords for important sites from time to time and make them each complicated and unique.

Easiest hack is still the passwords, and easier if they have spyware on your device that logs everything you type.


Play safe!