What is Zoneminder  ?

A full-featured, open source, state-of-the-art video surveillance software system.

Monitor your home, office, or wherever you want. Using off the shelf hardware with any camera, you can design a system as large or as small as you need.

ZoneMinder is the easiest way to run security camera’s whether it be for home or office.

My experience:

In 2012 I built a ZoneMinder machine from junk parts I had laying around. For Camera’s I have 2 Outdoor 1080P that I bought from Ebay and 2 very old dome IP camera’s (about 50 each) that I bought in 2009.

Hardware for the Server –  I used was an old 2x 2,8ghz Poweredge Server (IDE with 2 Sata ports 2gb ram) Popped in 1 500GB Sata drive.

It runs the video for 4 camera’s in my house to this day in (2017).

I have since updated the Linux version to CentOS-7, also put in a bigger hard drive 1 TB. Computer itself is the same, and there was really no need for me to upgrade from CentOs-5 other than I wanted to try the new build.

Running for months with no reboot. Records motion on all my house and office camera’s and I have it keeping about 2 weeks worth of video.

Since 2012, I have built several ZoneMinder Camera-Surveillance Servers for local business’.


DaveTech can build a ZoneMinder Server for your Office or Home.

  • Automated recording and purge of video. 
  • Playback mode, still frame – speed up to 50X times – Zoom etc.
  • Access Camera’s and Admin console -securely from a web browser on any device with Internet.
  • Ease of Use – Adding extra camera’s to User Accounts Simple Interface
  • Open Source – Licensed under GPL FREE License always will be
  • Reliable – has been around for years and trusted WorldWide
  • Runs on Linux CentOS-7 also GPL & FREE – Server can also integrate with your network to do other things, like automated backups, VPN and many other services that the typical small business needs these days.

You purchase the hardware separately, although we will suggest the server hardware configuration based on your needs.

Length of recorded video, motion detect, 24 hr recording, monitor mode, all will require different amounts of hard disk space.

Number of camera’s and quality of the video recorded from each will determine need for processor speed and memory.

We recommend Dell Computers/ Servers as they offer reliability, support and warranty.

Once setup and running this Server or PC will only need power and an Internet connection or connection to your existing network. No keyboard, monitor or mouse is required. Put it on a shelf in the server room and forget it is there.


The setup cost on a basic server with 2 camera’s configured is 279.00 + HST.

Ongoing maintenance plan can also be purchased although is not required.

For further information or to order a ZoneMinder Server:

Call Dave @ (613) 276-9066 or email to [email protected]


 32+  Years IT Experience

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