Business IT Services

Business IT Services

We provide the following Business IT Services:

  • Computer and Laptop Repair: Comprehensive repair services for computers and laptops, including hardware and software troubleshooting and fixes.
  • Windows and Linux Support: Technical support and troubleshooting for both Windows and Linux operating systems, ensuring optimal performance and functionality.
  • Network Design, Management,: Designing and managing robust network infrastructure to meet business needs, including network configuration, optimization, and maintenance.
  • Network Security Solutions: Implementing security measures to protect networks and data, including firewall setup, PFSense configuration, and other security enhancements.
  • Server Administration: Managing and maintaining servers, including CentOS, Fedora, RedHat and Ubuntu, to ensure reliability, security, and optimal performance.
  • PFSense Firewall: DaveTech has been providing support for pfSense firewall since 2010, offering expertise in configuring, managing, and optimizing this robust open-source solution for our clients’ network security needs
  • VPN Setup: Setting up virtual private networks (VPNs) for secure remote access to network resources, enabling remote work and enhancing data security.
  • WiFi Solutions: Designing and implementing secure and reliable WiFi networks, optimizing coverage and performance for business environments.
  • Backup Systems: Customized backup solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses, regardless of size or industry. Offsite backups, continuous monitoring and management, encryption for data security, flexible backup options, and compliance with relevant regulations.
  • Domain Names are essential for establishing an online presence and brand identity. DaveTech assists businesses in selecting, registering, and managing domain names effectively. Services include domain name registration, renewal, and management, ensuring businesses have a strong online presence with reliable domain name service
  • VPS Hosting: Our company specializes in supporting Linux VPS hosting, ensuring clients benefit from reliable and secure virtual server environments powered by the flexibility and robustness of the Linux operating system.
  • Troubleshooting Services: Expert troubleshooting services to diagnose and resolve issues quickly, minimizing downtime and optimizing productivity



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