PFSense Firewall pf senseStop the bad traffic before it becomes a problem on your devices.

We configure, monitor and maintain PFSense firewall for many types of business.

Advertising Agencies, Hotels, Lawyers Offices and retail stores.

Monthly monitoring -Full support

from $ 65.00 CAD

Why use PFSense firewall ?

We specialize in configuring, monitoring, and maintaining PFSense firewalls for a variety of businesses, including advertising agencies, hotels, lawyers’ offices, and retail stores. Our monthly monitoring and full support package starts at $65.00 CAD.

Why Choose PFSense Firewall?

  • Strength: PFSense offers robust features and advanced capabilities to accurately identify and control network traffic, providing a strong defense against malicious activities.
  • Flexibility: PFSense’s flexibility allows for the integration of additional features like intrusion detection and prevention (IPS/IDS) and mass list blocking, making it adaptable as both a basic firewall and a complete security system.
  • Open-Source: PFSense is open-source, meaning it is free to use and modify. Its entire code is open to the public for examination and improvement, ensuring transparency and privacy.
  • Bandwidth Controls and Traffic Shaping:
    • Bandwidth Controls: Manage data transfer rates and ensure equitable access to network resources.
    • Traffic Shaping: Regulate the flow of network traffic to optimize performance, reduce congestion, and ensure quality of service (QoS) for critical applications.

    PFSense allows for traffic shaping and Proxy Server, enabling users to prioritize devices for optimal speeds during specific hours.

  • Time-Based Restrictions: Users can set specific speeds and times of use, allowing for network management based on allocated time periods for individual users.
  • PFSense OpenVPN Support: Integration with OpenVPN provides secure remote connections, enhancing privacy and accessibility for Windows computers logging in remotely.
  • Fault Tolerance and Speed Management: PFSense’s multi-WAN feature ensures fault tolerance by maintaining internet connectivity through multiple connections, allowing for failover and speed management.

Take Control of Your Network Privacy and Security with PFSense

Whether you need simple internet security for home users or intricate multi-VLAN designs for business environments, we can configure PFSense to meet your specific needs. In today’s digital world, both businesses and home offices should utilize a PFSense or equivalent firewall for enhanced security.

Here is a great explanation of retail routers and why they are not safe. She also discusses PF Sense Solution.

With over a decade of experience, we’ve been supporting and implementing PFSense Firewall Solutions in business environments since 2010. Call us for more information and a consultation.



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