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We configure, monitor and maintain PFSense firewalls for many types of business.

Advertising Agencies, Hotels, Lawyers Offices and retail stores.

Stop the bad traffic before it becomes a problem on your devices.

Monthly monitoring, full support from $ 65.00

A firewall is a network security system, that monitors, tracks, and controls outgoing and incoming data and network traffic. A firewall is your first line of defense against malicious software and strangers online.

Depending on your settings, your firewall will intercept network traffic that meets certain criteria, i.e. being dangerous or coming from a source you blocked, either from the internet or software installed on your device.

Why You Should Use PFSense Firewall

In addition to the pfsense firewall being completely free to use and modify, there are more reasons you should be using it, whether you want to customize it or simply have a trustworthy and reliable firewall.

1. Strength

The strength of your firewall doesn’t only depend on the rules you set for it, but also how accurately it follows them, like being able to identify data flows that meet your criteria of what’s dangerous.

PFSense has many features and advanced capabilities that ensure it always follows either default or custom rules. It also filters traffic separately whether it’s coming from your internal network of devices or the open internet, allowing you to set different rules and policies for each.

2. Flexibility

24 hours bad home traffic

Because the pfsense firewall lets you add and integrate additional features as code, it’s flexible enough to work both as a basic firewall and a complete security system.

For example, with pfsense, you can include intrusion detection and prevention (IPS/IDS) to intercept hackers trying to gain access to your network, as well as mass list blocking, where you introduce a database of known malware-infested sites, malicious IP addresses, and hacker sites in case you stumble on one by accident.

3. It’s Open-Source

Open-source software isn’t just free to use; it’s software that has its entire code open to the public to examine and modify without worrying about copyright infringement. Open-source software is a collaborative public initiative, where anyone qualified can contribute to the betterment of the software and have their work checked by others for quality and authenticity.

This type of public supervision ensures the software is the best version it can be, without violating your privacy when using them. That’s something you can only take the word of the manufacturer for with proprietary software.

4. User-Friendly

Firewalls are generally not beginner-friendly. They have a lot of complex settings, options, and features that require fine-tuning. Otherwise, you might end up with a gaping hole in your defenses.

But what makes pfsense different is that its interface is simple, direct, and easy to use when it comes to basic functionality. It also offers extensive documentation of its features and options with step-by-step guides—not to mention the plethora of online forums and free tutorials dedicated solely to pfsense.

5. PFSense OpenVPN Support

Having a VPN is essential. But VPNs come in all shapes and sizes, and depend on their encryption protocols, connection speed, and privacy policies. That’s why it’s best to have something that integrates directly with your pfsense firewall.

OpenVPN is easy to configure and allows Windows computers to connect from remote both securely and easily.

6. Fault Tolerance and Speed Management

Fault tolerance is when your system continues operating if one or more of its components fail. In the case of firewalls, it means staying connected to the internet using pfsense’s multi-WAN feature, also known as channel bonding.

With multi-WAN, you have multiple internet connections running at the same time, allowing you to switch to the next in line in case one fails. Multiple connections also come in handy if you’re looking to increase your connection speed by dividing the data flow over numerous connections instead of one.

7. Traffic Shaping

Games and Video streaming can use a lot of bandwidth. PFSense allows for traffic shaping and Proxy Server.

Home business Users with kids will love that their devices can be set to take top priority and speed, while other members of the household such as the kids may only get top speeds during “non business” hours 🙂 Throttling and prioritizing speeds is just a matter of a few clicks to configure.

Restrictions can be set to allow Users specific speeds and time of use.

We have been supporting and implementing PFSense Firewall Solutions in business environments since 2010.

8. Fail-Over Load Balancing Multi WAN Connection

We use PFSense in places where Internet is Mission Critical. For example hotels that have both a Rogers Cable Internet Connection as well as a Bell DSL connection. PFSense can easily be configured to both load balance and or act as a fail-over gateway.

Take control of your network privacy and security with PFSense.

We provide remote setup support and custom built PFSense Devices.

From Simple Internet Security for home Users to complicated multi VLAN designs in business environments we can configure to your needs.

Business or Home Office, All should be using a PFSense or equivalent firewall in today’s digital world.

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